Mihalis Garudis

Michalis Garoudis was born on January 20, 1940 in Elinochori (Dimotika), Greece. His family emigrated to Bulgaria during the Greek Civil War between 1946 and 1949.
In 1965, Michalis Garoudis graduated in painting at the Nikolay Pavlovich Institute of Painting, in the class of Prof. Iliya Petrov. In 1964, he held a joint exhibition with Dimitar Kazakov - Neron at the Academy, but three days after the opening, the exhibition was taken down by decision of the academic council. Despite this attempt to resist the reformist tone of Garoudis and Neron's art, both were enthusiastically accepted as members of the SBH the very next year. In 1971, Michalis Garoudis organized solo exhibitions in Sofia and Paris.
Garoudis's early work was mainly related to painting - he created still lifes, seascapes, figurative compositions with poetic and philosophical messages. Later he started working in the field of monumental sculpture and ceramics. In the process of his creative development, Garoudis approached art more and more experimentally.
In the traditions of Bulgarian art, the artist's name is associated with hyperrealism in painting.
Since 1986, Michalis Garoudis lives and works in Thessaloniki.
The artist's paintings are in the possession of NHH, SGHH, HG in the country, museums and galleries in a number of European cities, as well as in Asia and the USA and private collections.
He died on October 17 2021.