Zlatyu Boyadzhiev

Zlatyu Boyadzhiev was born on 22.10.1903 in Brezovo, Plovdiv region. In 1932, he graduated in painting at the Art Academy, Sofia, in the class of Prof. Tseno Todorov. He works in the field of figurative composition, portraiture and landscape. His work is divided into two main periods. The first lasted until 1951, when the artist suffered a stroke, as a result of which the right half of his body was paralyzed. A few years later, Boyadzhiev returned to painting again, drawing with his left hand. During the first period, various stylistic and artistic concepts are intertwined in his works. In some canvases he builds the form densely and generalized, with a neoclassical manner, and in others he uses some impressionistic techniques. In the domestic paintings of the 1940s, the forms are synthesized, attention is directed to the individual detail in order to reveal more fully the conceptual design of the work. Boyadzhiev's portraits from this period are distinguished by tight and precise drawing, dense modeling of the forms and deep insight into the character of the portraits.In the second period, without losing the ideological connection with his previous work, Boyadzhiev expressed other sides of his sensibility and sought new plastic solutions. His interest in rural life remains. However, a primal romance enters his paintings, where the real is intertwined with the curious and the magical. Boyadzhiev created hundreds of compositions, portraits and landscapes, distinguished by marked expression and drama. The portraits of the second period are even more characterized, sometimes through the means of the grotesque. Works by Zlatyu Boyadzhiev are in the possession of NHG, SGHHG, HG in Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Ruse, Pleven, Sliven, Vidin, Smolyan and others, as well as private collectors in Bulgaria and abroad. He is the recipient of a number of honors and awards, among which: "Kyril and Methodius" - 1st degree, Laureate of the Dimitrov Prize, painting prize "Vladimir Dimitrov - Maystora" from the SBH, etc. The artist died on February 2, 1976 in Plovdiv.