Past Exhibition


Atanas Patsev (1926 - 1999) and Georgi Baev (1924 - 2007). Painting exhibition

The exhibition brings together two authors of the same generation, with a strong presence in Bulgarian art from the second half of the twentieth century. The works on display, with a definite pictorial expression, are from two different private collections. The exhibition includes seven works by Atanas Patsev and five seascapes by Georgi Baev. Artists for whom we can hardly add anything new but we can complement the visual image of them.

Patsev's works predominate and powerfully and unexpectedly fill the gallery space. The reason is not only in the formats, but also in the monumental sound and the strong suggestions of his expressive painting. The artist applies unusual points of view and angles to figures and objects. It crosses the tangible boundaries of space and confronts the laws of three-dimensional reality. The picture becomes a real moving matter. Such are "Koprivshtitsa" and "Plovdiv - Old Town".

Patsev challenges the senses by ignoring the laws of space. He He paints deformed, elongated and flattened figures with changed proportions, which are reflected as in a curved or inverted mirror. He builds the shape with truncated, wide strokes of primary colors and leaves an enclosing color accent. This enhances the feeling of transcending the earthly and moving into another reality. Human figures are brought to bearers of spiritual states and messages. Examples of this are "Self-Portrait", both works entitled "Portrait" and others.

In the artworks by Georgi Baev we see that he avoids the figurative and approaches abstraction. In the exhibition hall, his paintings focus on the same theme - the border area between the coast and the sea, a place changeable and full of transient states. It makes us witness how one section of the landscape and the same type of composition become the bearer of different meanings with the help of artistic means. Baev reaches a complete disregard for materiality and the material. With the help of close range and powerful color he achieves a fine saturated intense color.

Gathered together, the works involuntarily make us compare the pictorial language of the two artists. They show us that even if they are expressive, they are radically different in terms of artistic language and individuality.

The exhibition of Atanas Patsev and Georgi Baev at Gallery Loran stands out with valuable works, so we will be happy to see you.

Mariana Avramova