Past Exhibition


Unshown Collection II

Gallery Loran will once again intrigue the audience with works from its collection. From February 1, in the salon of Gallery Contrast at Tsar Samuil 49 in Sofia, viewers will have the opportunity to see previously unexhibited works and take a journey through time with Bulgarian art from the 20th century. The rich palette of styles, genres and subjects of famous and less-known authors will delight lovers and connoisseurs, (and expand our knowledge of this period). We will not reveal all our secrets and 'surprises' to the public but we will take a short chronological walk, introducing some of the exhibited works.

In his landscapes from the 1920s and 1930s Georgi Velchev prefers secluded views, predisposing to contemplation and self-absorption. Such are 'Birch Forest' 1929, and 'Lake', ca. 1935, executed in soft muted tones and on small-scale cardboard. 'Birch Forest' in gray and ocher has more contrasting expressive strokes, while in 'Lake' the shades of the water surface reflecting the distant sky flow smoothly.

A traveler at heart, Georgi Velchev's inquisitive personality is reflected in 'Portrait of a Lady' from the 1930s and 'On the Lounge' from the 20s, in which the lively interest in man and his world is evident. Colorfully rich and picturesquely plastic, these works capture the momentary, internal states of the models on whose expressiveness the author emphasizes.

Boris Denev's impressive ink drawing 'Asenovgrad', 1930s, features the town’s characteristic panoramic view. The distant perspective elevates the observer above the prosaic and the mundane. The drawing is constructive, the shapes and volumes - treated in a general manner. 

The sunlit street of Sliven portrayed by Dobri Dobrev, magnetically attracts the viewer. The eponymous landscape 'Sliven' from 1939 reflects the artist's attachment to his hometown with a soft, warm color range overflowing from the illuminated into the shadowy part of the canvas. This characteristic color creates serenity and mood.

A bright, colorful accent among the exhibited works is 'Vase With Flowers', 1960s by Vasil Ivanov. The swing with which the colors are applied is impressive. The energetic brush, the plastically developed background are part of the individual and modern handwriting of the artist.

Konstantin Tringov's canvas, 'By the Shore', 1960s, is expressive by implication. The large incised strokes give a strong materiality to the recreated matter, where the viewer feels really present. The atmosphere is dramatic, like before a storm.

With the opposite - gentle, lyrical sound is Boris Ivanov's 'Nude' from the same decade. The fair shades of the body give airiness and stand out against the background of saturated tones in the interior.

Each work from the 'Unshown Collection' exhibition has its own charge, bears the imprint of its time and the sensibility and experience of its creator.

Visit us from February 1 to February 28, 2023 at Tsar Samuil 49, Sofia to see and learn much more about the works Gallery Loran presents in Gallery Contrast.