The life and work of Hristo Berberov (1875 - 1948) for the most part remains little known to the general public. In the specialized literature he is often mentioned in the shadow of other names in Bulgarian painting from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, so this project aims to present them in full and to highlight his contribution to the development of our art, thus taking his rightful place.

The idea and title of this exhibition come from one of the most famous works - idylls - of the writer Petko Todorov, a fellow citizen and friend of Berberov from his childhood, whose views and aspirations are closely intertwined with Bulgarian symbolism and ideas of the circle "Thought".

Our virtual exhibition includes 10 paintings from the most active creative period of the artist, related to poetic quotations from the mentioned literary texts.

Inherent in Berberov's paintings is the presence of images and values ​​characteristic of Bulgarian history, way of life and culture; personifications, collective for the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival and post-liberation era. This is quite clear in a number of works, even in landscapes.

Although his work seems to be invariably associated with the classical and realistic reproduction of themes, plots and images, it is not just a matter of contemplation. Aesthetically and harmoniously sustained, behind it we can find other layers and meanings.

Many of the artist's works remain untitled and undated and this makes it difficult for researchers to analyze the extent to which the hidden thread of symbolism characteristic of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries runs through his work, and to what extent we can look for his influence in his works in plastic and substantive terms.

The exhibition not only presents its interpretation and promotes works unknown to the general public but also tries to answer these questions. 

The virtual exhibition "Idylls" is part of the project "Paintings from an exhibition". Hristo Berberov (1875 - 1948) ”, initiated by the Gallery Loran, together with the Bulgarian-European Cultural Dialogues Center of the New Bulgarian University and the Tsanko Lavrenov Foundation and realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund. It is held in connection with the 145th anniversary of the birth of Bulgarian artist Hristo Berberov and represents a new stage in the process of upgrading and enriching knowledge about the artist and his work through the use of modern digital technologies, social networks and Internet platforms to include new audiences.