Gallery Loran works in cooperation with national and municipal institutions and museums, with leading art historians in the country, as well as restorers and valuers of works of art, in order to offer its clients the highest quality in all categories of expert valuation:

● assessment of market and investment values by an independent valuer;

● preparation of a detailed certificate of authenticity by an art historian;

● preparation of restoration expertise;

● preparation of expert conclusion of identification;

● preparation of export documentation.

Gallery Loran offers consultations to its clients on purchases and sales of works of art, on the assembling and completion of private collections, on individual interior designs, and other advice.

The Gallery facilitates the high quality restoration and framing of artworks.

Gallery Loran works jointly with some of the best restoration specialists in the country.

Thanks to their expertise and professionalism, we have succeeded inrestoring the grandeur of dozens of works of the Bulgarian artistic heritage. We believe in the sense of responsibility and determination of their new owners in preserving the brilliance of these valuable items for future generations.

In this gallery, you can find pre-restoration details of the ‘Portrait of Julia Mrkvička’ by Ivan Mrkvička. After its restoration, the surface was strengthened, and the work was cleaned, retouched and polished.

Gallery Loran rents:

● the gallery’s salon for the organisation of exhibitions and other events;

● collections or single artworks.