Vasil Ivanov

Vasil Ivanov was born on May 20, 1909 in Sofia. He spent his youth in Kazanlak, where he graduated from high school. He paints and plays the violin. For a short time he was a drawing teacher in Sliven. He was admitted to the Art Academy in Sofia, which he graduated in 1939 in the class of Prof. Nikola Ganushev and Prof. Nikola Marinov. Member of the Society of New Artists. One of the "Baratsite" group together with Vasil Barakov, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, David Perets, and later T. Kojamanov. He gets close to Teacher Petar Danov. He lives in the "Izgreva" district.


1937 - first participation in the 12th Group Art Exhibition

1943 - exhibition of Bulgarian artists in Budapest

1945 - exhibition of Bulgarian artists in Bucharest

1956 - joint exhibition with Raphael Mihailov in the hall at 125 Rakovski Street


1946 - first exhibition in the "Forum" gallery

1955 -1957 - exhibitions in Sofia

1957 - exhibition in Warsaw; a film about the artist and his work

1958 - exhibition in Budapest; a second film about the artist and his work

1958 - exhibition in London

1961 - fifth exhibition at 5 Ruski Blvd

1963 - exhibitions in Beirut and Krakow

1964 - exhibition "Cosmos", banned one hour before the opening

1965 - 1968 - several solo exhibitions at 62 Gurko Street

1966 - 1967 - exhibitions in Leipzig and East Berlin

1970 - space drawings in Sydney

1971 - exhibition in Geneva

1972 -1974 - exhibitions in Paris

Participates in Group Art Exhibitions. He exhibits in Europe, America and Japan. His paintings are in galleries, museums and private collections in Sofia, Warsaw, Budapest, Berlin, Paris, New York, Tokyo, etc.

1975, June 4 - Died in Sofia.

1976 - 1977 - His work from the Paris period was collected in Bulgaria by the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of Art and Culture Abroad.

1987 - posthumous retrospective exhibition of "Shipka" 6

1994 - exhibitions in "Vitosha" and "Alexander" galleries

2009 - an exhibition in the "Loran" gallery, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the artist's birth.

2019 - 110 years since the birth of the painter; exhibition in the National Art Gallery