Past Exhibition


Hristo Berberov (1875 - 1948). Characters.

"I was born on October 27, 1875 in the town of Elena as the last member of the eight-member poor family of Ivan Bilberia and Maria Milanova Grancharova, who until the end of their lives could not resolve their dispute, which of the two endowed me with the gift to paint on other people's walls and shutters in the streets”- this is how Hristo Berberov (1875-1948) began his autobiography, reflecting on the roots of his talent.

In 1986, almost 40 years after his death, at the National Gallery in Sofia, the artist's heirs organized the first and only so far solo exhibition. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts 'Albertina' in Turin, he was one of the first Bulgarian artists with an academic education and an active participant in our artistic life until the early 20's of the twentieth century. His subsequent retirement, his reorientation to the quiet pursuits of church painting, his many years as a teacher speak of a person of special sensitivity, as also evident by his works selected in the autumn exhibition at Gallery Loran.

The images that fill the hall of the gallery tell about the intimate and fantasy world of the artist. Among them we find oil works and drawings made with remarkable delicacy. We recognize portraits of members of his family, his self-portrait, his sketches are diverse in technique and themes.

All exhibited works have passed through the restoration studios. Of particular interest are the two preserved original frames, which regained their luster from a hundred years ago.

Non-commercial in nature, the exhibition is supported by the National Culture Fund and is part of the one-year program of Gallery Loran, related to promoting the personality and work of Hristo Berberov.

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