Past Exhibition


Konstantin Shtarkelov (Un)Known Stories

Going more than a century back in time, the forthcoming exhibition at the Loran Gallery will present 36 remarkable examples of the lesser known work of Konstantin Shtarkelov – ‘The King of Watercolour’.

The exhibition will show extremely rare works from the artist's stay in Odessa in 1909 and from his great European trip in the spring of 1912, as well as the exotic watercolour of the pyramids near Giza from 1926.

For the first time, and for a short while only, private collections will open for the public showing of magnificent watercolours and valuable drawings from the artist's participation in the Balkan Wars and the First World War, as well as an interesting collection of portraits in various techniques that tell the (un)known story of Shtarkelov as a portraitist.

Last but not least, the exhibition presents the theme of nature –from the flower as a small detail to wide landscape panoramas, Shtarkelov demonstrates not only technical perfection, but also his experiencing of nature as a specific state of the spirit.



The exhibition runs from 15 June to 29 July; the opening will take place on Thursday, 15 June, at 7 p.m.