Past Exhibition



From 19th of January Loran Art Gallery is showcasing a collection of paintings by contemporary Bulgarian artists. An intriguing detail is that the works are not presented by their authors – they were specially selected for the occasion by different private collectors. The visitors of the gallery at 16 Oborishte Street will have the opportunity to appreciate the art pieces through the eyes of their former owners, glimpse into the souls of the artists and experience the passion of the art collector.

Reminiscences is a tribute to modern painting in the context of an exciting period for contemporary Bulgarian art: from the 80s onwards. The exhibition is a deliberate deviation from the established general tendency of the gallery to present older Bulgarian art. The works presented affect in a reminiscent manner. The visual, conceptual and contextual content of the works interlaces in a configuration that defines their nature as a part of the contemporary era as much as a part of the recent past. The transformation from figurative patinting into abstraction reflects on the transition of perceptions and artistic pursuits beyond the boundaries of private creative endavours. An exhibition curated in such manner holds the capacity to predispose viewers to experience this transition.

The exhibition brings together works of significant artists like Svetlin Rusev, Vihroni Popnedelev, Vasilka Moneva, Nadejda Kuteva, Zahari Kamenov, etc.

The surreal compositions of HristoYotov, the abstract canvases of EnchoPironkov, the mixed media technique of Svilen Blajev – are only a part from this remarkable collection. They tell the synergy story of one rather turbulent and thrilling time period, its beginning lays somewhere in the near past and its end – is here to be co-experienced.

The exhibition can be visited from 19th of January till 19th of February 2017, in Loran Art Gallery , at 16 Oborishte Street. Official opening is not provided.