Past Exhibition


The New Paintings of the Loran Gallery

‘The New Paintings’ exhibition of artworks from the Loran Gallery collection not previously shown to the public, is an important guide to the world of the cultivated connoisseur with an interest in our artistic heritage and authentic values of art. It includes works by some of the most prominent Bulgarian painters from the beginning of the 20th century, such as Marin Ustagenov, Boris Denev, Danail Dechev, George Papazoff, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, and Bencho Obreshkov, among others. To these artists, well known for their style and pictorial models, we can add the less popular Slavi Genev, Karl Yordanov, and Kocho Ganev. This group exposition summarises, expands, and provides important data about the history of Bulgarian art and our visual perception; it brings valuable information to viewers and specialists. With this unusual combination of new acquisitions for the August event, it makes it possible for viewers to immerse themselves in the spirit of art from the last century.

The exhibition accords with the Gallery’s main mission: to offer the opportunity for promoting and displaying valuable artworks not known to the public, for them to be discussed, examined and documented. Like any presentation of this kind, it tells unshared stories about the hidden life of every work that has changed hands, from family to family, from collection to collection, full of history that can be shared not only in an artistic aspect, but also in terms of life.

In this whirlpool of worlds, it is certain that every visitor will find something for himself, and each expression of curiosity will be satisfied.

If we slightly lift the curtain of the upcoming event, we will see that Marin Ustagenov is represented by a hunting scene, executed with a dose of painter’s naïvety, but in the spirit of the native academic school.

A wealth of suprahuman suggestions permeates Slavi Genev’s little-known biblical cycle. It is shrouded in mysticism and half-expressed thought. Dedicated to the Holy Week, it was painted during the artist’s stay in Germany.

We are well acquainted with the strange shapes, deformations and viewpoints of the distinctive Dimitar Kazakov–Neron; here he is entirely himself, but in the image of a tempting maiden.

One of the highlights in the exhibition is George Papazoff’s work with autumnal motifs, which was brought here from France. The artwork has been featured in several publications on the artist.

We know that travelling is an eternal inspiration for artists and a constant challenge for their delicate sensitivity; examples of this are the paintings by Mario Zhekov of Istanbul and by Karl Yordanov of Venice.

In her work, the remarkable Slavka Deneva has achieved deep pictorial values and, although she is perfect in the visible, she transports us beyond it. Through a combination of sophisticated planes and free construction, she demonstrates delicacy and power.

We cannot overlook Nayden Petkov’s work, which reveals him as exquisite in his expression and in his inimitable occupation as a landscapist. His panorama fascinates with the complex earthiness of its colours, yet transformed and attaining a sense of airiness.

Compiled principally for connoisseurs, ‘The New Paintings’ exhibition develops the concept of exhibiting new acquisitions. It is of interest not only to the true friends of the gallery, the buyers, but to connoisseurs, art historians, researchers, and students. The artworks included, apart from their high artistic—we may even call it museum—value, are a real temptation to collectors.

All the artworks, which are shown for the first time, can be seen throughout the month of August in the Gallery’s salon in Sofia at 16 Oborishte Street. A representative catalogue that complements and enriches the concept of ‘The New Paintings’ of the Gallery accompanies the exhibition.

Loran Gallery does not envisage an official opening.