Past Exhibition


Vasil Stoilov (1904–1990) – Unexhibited Collection

On 17 May, Gallery Loran opens the remarkable exposition of artworks not previously shown to the public, by the great Bulgarian artist Vasil Stoilov (1904–1990). The event ranks among the most significant occasions in the entire ten-year history of the gallery. This collection, coming to light for the first time, astonishes everyone and provokes the interest of even the greatest connoisseurs of the artist’s oeuvre.

Vasil Stoilov’s exhibitions worldwide have been numerous. His artistic heritage is well researched and documented. This is why the appearance of this collection, kept ‘hidden’ from the attention of all art lovers for decades, deserves special attention. Gallery Loran’s goal, after purchasing the works from a private collection, is to present to the public these new acquisitions in all their magnificence. The exhibited works reveal various creative periods of Vasil Stoilov’s – from his very early oil landscapes, influenced by his teacher Tseno Todorov, through his natural impressions created in the 1930s, to the artist’s mature hand in his emblematic portraits from the 1950s and 1960s. What unites them is the unchanging message of the artist – his clear awareness and primordial belief in the messianic role of the creator and of art.

The exposition also owes its polyphonic nature to the variety of genres represented. The landscapes are impressive, imbued with Symbolistic ideas and dedicated to the mystic character of nature. The two artworks painted in the 1940s in Krichim, during one of Stoilov’s visits to his brother, are especially valuable. Naturally, a special place in the exhibition is occupied by the brilliant artwork, ‘Still Life’, a true delight for the senses with its bright chromaticity and illusionistically outlined shapes. We observe this characteristically linear style in the portraits on display, among which the purity of the child’s image, in ‘Girl with Flower’,undoubtedly stands out as a testimonial to the uncontrived gesture and cordiality of the artist. The painting ‘Madonna’, 1942, presents a theme from another distinctive cycle of Stoilov’s, where we find the artist’s determined endeavour to achieve the Renaissance ideal of purity of line.

The magnificent artworks executed in the aquarelle technique favoured by Vasil Stoilov are a representative extract of the richness of his creative work. Visitors to 16, Oborishte Str. will find themselves immersed in the ‘enchanted reality’ and uniquely exquisite style of this artist, who has long occupied a place among the leading names of Bulgarian art.

The rich history of this unique collection is documented in detail and, for connoisseurs, Gallery Loran has published a catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

The official opening of the exhibition will take place on 17 May, at 18:30, at Gallery Loran, at 16, Oborishte Str. The Special guest at the event is the artist’s daughter, Yavora Stoilova, who will deliver a speech at the opening.