Danail Dechev

Danail Dechev was born on August 20, 1891 in Razgrad. Already in his childhood, he developed a passion for drawing, but his dream of entering the Academy of Arts did not come true. He was sent to study at the textile school in Sliven. Participated in the First World War. Later, he worked for a short time at the Plovdiv Customs.However, in 1921, his painting was accepted to participate in an exhibition of South Bulgarian artists, and Danail Dechev became a member of the society. The following year he organized his first solo exhibition. From 1926, he participated in all group art exhibitions. From 1919 to 1939 Dechev lived in Plovdiv. In 1946 and 1948 he successfully participated in the International Biennale in Venice, Italy. He also participated in the Fourth International Exhibition in Delhi (1960), in exhibitions and expositions in Paris, Baghdad, Prague, Ankara, Athens, Stockholm, etc. He has held more than 30 solo exhibitions at home and abroad. Dechev works mainly in the field of natural and urban landscape. It leaves traces that have captured the beauty of the Rhodope Mountains, Stara Planina, Thrace, the Black Sea and the Ludogorie. The artist's preferred technique is oil paints. Danail Dechev made a great contribution to the genre enrichment of Bulgarian painting from the middle of the 20th century. In 1952, he was awarded the title "Deserved Artist". In 1958, his jubilee exhibition was organized. He is the recipient of awards from the BAS and SBH, as well as the orders "Kyril and Methodius", "People's Republic of Bulgaria" - 1st degree and "Georgi Dimitrov". Posthumously in 1969 he was awarded the title of "People's Artist". Dechev's works are in the possession of NHH, SGHH, art galleries in Plovdiv, Kazanlak, Ruse, Varna, Vratsa, Stara Zagora, etc., private collections in the country and abroad. The artist died on August 5, 1962 in Sofia.