Kostadinka Tsvetkova

Kostadinka Tsvetkova was born in 1929 in Sofia.

She graduated in painting at the Academy of Arts, under the teaching of prof. Iliya Petrov. Since 1965 she had participated in all the collective art exhibitions of the Union of the Bulgarian Artists and also took part in few representative collective exhibitions in Paris, Moscow, Damask, Ankara and Bratislava. She had worked predominantly in the area of the oil painting, and her favourite genres were landscape and still life.

Her artworks could be easily distinguished by the intensive colourfulness they provide, which stands beyond the trivial in the Bulgarian art tradition. The reality surpasses a coherent refraction by the aesthetics views of the artist and thus the colours arrange in melody-like compositions. Her manner of painting often is related to the one typical for the fauvist art movement, which can be justified by the fact that she herself admired the famous French artist Henri Matisse.

Kostandinka Tsvetkova died in 2006.