Zheni Mehandzhiyska

Zheni Mehandzhiyska is among those artists whose image today emerges in a hazy aura of unjust oblivion. The current exhibition in Gallery Loran is a partial rehabilitation of the personality and work of Zheni Mehandzhiyska, as well as of the Bulgarian fine arts of the second half of the twentieth century, whose painting is still incomplete.

There is very little information about the life and work of the artist. The years of her birth and death are known - 1927 - 1990, several of her participations in general art exhibitions in the 60's and 70's and plein air trips in the Rhodope Mountains in the 60's with artists Lika Yanko, Kostadinka Tsvetkova, Mimi Veselinova, Vanya Decheva, Olga Valnarova, Raina Vuncheva and others. In 1966, Zheni Mehandzhiyska organized a solo exhibition in Sofia, where a work of hers got purchased by the “Dimitar Dobrovich” Art Gallery in Sliven and is located there till this day. At the beginning of the 90’s (1993, 1994) in the gallery "Otechestvo" (later renamed "Vitosha") several landscapes of  Zheni Mehandzhiyska were exhibited in a joint exhibition. In 2010, her landscapes were featured in the exhibition "Art and Isolation" at the National Gallery of Fine Arts. She was married to Dimitar Mehandjiiski (1915 - 1999). In the second half of the 1970’s, Zheni Mehandzhiyska left for Paris. In this world center of art, fate was not favorable to her and she expressed a desire to return to Bulgaria, which she shared with the artist Milka Peykova, seeking help from her. Zheni Mehandzhiyska's passport was detained at the embassy and she was banned from traveling: “If you only knew the hell I went through here! I want to return to Bulgaria… the embassy does not want to give me my passport, “.” (Peykova, M. The previous days. Sofia, 2011, p. 42). Whether she managed to return to her homeland or remained in Paris until her death is unknown.