Past Exhibition


Picturesque Directions

"Picturesque Directions" is the summer group exhibition of Gallery Loran. In it you can search for your picturesque landmarks between the names of Naiden Petkov, Ivan Kirkov, Alexander Petrov - Lavandulata, Atanas Yaranov, Dimitar Kazakov - Neron, Genko Genkov, Lika Yanko, Fikret Islamov, Yordan Resanski, Stanka Dimitrova and others. They are presented with their typical personal plastic searches from the 60s, 70s and 80s of the twentieth century. 

The works of Lika Yanko, which are present in the hall, depict her white experiments with ropes and enamel, subordinated to a purely female poetic sensitivity. Her works consist of - linear portrait of the violinist Stoyka Milanova from the 80s and three artworks that are more typical for her work - girls with pitchers and naked bodies on the beach, familiar to us from her eponymous series.    

In the exhibition space you will also see three works from different periods of Dimitar Kazakov - Neron. The first is a composition with faces that are the typical for his style and whose multicolored outlines intertwine in a kind of abstraction. The other is an early watercolor painting of a woman looking in a mirror-mask. In it we can find the purely symbolic meaning of the character of the woman and her innumerable masked faces. The third work is more decorative and frames the profiles of a female and male with embroideries, refering to the compositional model of the kiss in modern art from the early twentieth century.

We must also mention the pastel work of Alexander Petrov - Lavandulata. The action takes place along the coast, the composition is figural. It has a balance of painting, layering and pausing. The figures are unified and harmoniously fill the whole format, and in addition the architecture of the bodies stands out. The painter makes the most of the oil pastel technique, including using bright, intense and vivid colors that contrast with each other.

Furthermore, for the first time we see a picturesque motif of Fikret Islamov. The work is a still life with grapes, oranges and a basket. We are surprised by the part that is collaged, a technique that is a distinctive feature of his style. He uses it mainly in still lifes. The balance is achieved by skillful play of full and empty space. The generalized objects seem to create an idea of ​​dispersion and heterogeneity, but are united by the shadow. 

Several of the works in the exhibition are already known to us, they participated in various other projects of the gallery. Among them are the powerful and expressive "Interior" of Naiden Petkov, the black and white summer "Composition" by Atanas Yaranov and the aesthetic, erotic "Torso" by Ivan Kirkov.

Lastly, we must also mention the landscape of Genko Genkov, which is shown to the public for the first time. In it, among the black branches of the trees, there is a church, with bright, colorful accents and a place illuminated by the sun.

 Mariana Avramova