Past Exhibition



'Somewhere' is the first exhibition of Gallery Loran for the new year, which presents only landscapes.

Somewhere is an indefinite place that inspires authors to discover, empathize, depict and summarize in artistic images.

Some of the included artworks are by: Dechko Uzunov, Boris Denev, Nikolay Abrashev, Alexander Petrov - Lavender, Ivan Tabakov, Hristo Yonchev - Kriskarets, David Peretz, Rafael Mihailov, Ivan Hristov and others.

In a few words, we will note four works that are very different in their expressive language.

A special and unconventional for Boris Denev is an autumn landscape from the 1930s. Upon closer inspection of the spots, we find a small path that gets lost in rocky outcrops and precipices. Among them we distinguish a shepherd who guides goats through a mountain trail. The lack of depth and airy lightening of the color flattens the plans of the picture in a decorative space, which refers us to abstraction.

Dechko Uzunov's painting 'Venice' is from 1962. The work is interesting not only for its compositional solution, but also for the fact that it aroused interest when it was shown in the 60's in a joint art exhibition. Then, with a few more works, they caught the attention of the audience with their modern artistic expression and marked the separation with the normative aesthetics and themes.

For the first time in the exhibition is the work 'Cafe' by Nikolai Abrashev with his recognizable style from the 30's. The author has introduced the autumn motif in elegant design colors and together with the combination of straight and reverse perspective they create a relaxed and moving space. These means bring softness and serenity to the canvas.

The opposite happens in the painting by another painter Alexander Petrov - Lavandulata, who brings light and the scorching sun to the forefront to contrast them with the dark sky in his oriental landscape of Khiva from the 60's. The irregular lines and their curvature to the escape points add to the uneasiness of the marked Asian sites.

Again, we will not reveal everything in the text to let your curiosity lead you to the gallery to see the selection of the twenty exhibited works.

Mariana Avramova