Past Exhibition


The shore and the sea II

In the exhibition, the authors tempted by the coast and the sea are: Hristo Kavarnaliev, Alexander Mutafov, Karl Yordanov, Stefan Badzhov, Nikola Tanev, Danail Dechev, Vasil Barakov, Ivan Tabakov, Milen Sakazov, Georgi Baev, Michalis Garudis, Lubo Ivanov, Sergey Petrov, Nikolay Nikov – Nicheto, Todor Dobrudzhanski and others.

The exhibition is rich. The sea as an inspiration is an endless natural and emotional world. Some artists show its beauty, others its element. Many indulge and manage to capture the elusive, others touch its transience.

The works in the hall are divided into two. One part contains classic and let's call them realistically rendered works, and the other modernist. Among the first group we are attracted by a large-format pasty landscape from Sozopol by Karl Yordanov, from the 1940s, which was built on the principle of watercolor but in oil paints. The bay and objects are finely modeled with a transparent chiaroscuro gradation reminiscent of watercolor. Beneath the thinly applied paint a pencil drawing is visible, reminiscent of a preparatory project by a Renaissance master.

Aa artwork which is a surprise but it is not new,is one by Stefan Badzhov from 1941 - "Kay in Kavala". The author is one of the founders of the Department of Decoration at the Academy of Arts, along with Haralampi Tachev, paradoxically known at the beginning of the 20th century as "Milev's teacher". It deserves a mention as it is little known to the general public. His work shows a port, a pier, with naively rendered objects and figures in a composition developed in the middle plan of the picture. These small and deformed images highlight a specific period in the author's work.

The work of marine artist Alexander Mutafov does not have a specific plot but it has a poetic state. It catches the attention with its skillful achievement of light movement as the sun's rays pass through the clouds and descend to the sandy shore. This creates an effect where passing through the dusty crystal air, the light streak reflects the sandy tonality. The atmosphere and the beach take on the same color and merge in harmony.

In the more modernist part of the hall, among the authors of the second half of the 20th century, we find the work of Mihalis Garudis, who directly brings the marine materiality into the hall with collaged parts of it - seashells, pieces of boats and limestone rock pieces.

Another work is an expressive watercolor by Sergey Petrov, in which the center of the composition is a rock on which sea waves crash. The rock is exposed on its shady side and behind it a glint of sunlight passes over the waves. In it we are provoked by the distinct tangibility and expression of the painterly strokes uncharacteristic of this technique.

It is necessary to mention that there are authors who are present in the exhibition with more than one work. Some are not bound by meaning and period but others are from the same author's series. Of the latter type are the works of Ivan Tabakov, Hristo Kavarnaliev, and Milen Sakazov, and in the case of Georgi Baev, apart from the rest, they are also on a large format.

Each of the authors in the hall has a different personality, views and style. In most works marinists seek the movement and expression of sea states. They are the result of long studied and anticipated impressions of the captured moment or endless sea changes.

As if there is nothing more normal for the season that the exhibition should have such a focus. In the exhibition space of Gallery Contrast at "Tsar Samuil" street 49 in Sofia, the exhibition "The Shore and the Sea II" acquires representativeness and great opportunities for perception. We hope it will be the same with our next exhibitions.