Past Exhibition


Vasil Levski - Drawings by Hristo Neykov

On the occasion of 142 years since the sentence to death by hanging of the national hero and rebel Vasil Levski, Loran art gallery presents a remarkable exposition of the popular Bulgarian artist Hristo Neykov. The exhibition consists of 20 original projects created in 1972 and 1974 for the illustrations of the children’s books The Apostle in Danger, by Ivan Vazov, and I am Levski, by Serafim Severnyak. These books are constant part of the growth of several generations Bulgarians. We remember the texts but moreover we keep in mind the sharp outlines of the images. These drawings still have such an effect on us because they are so alive and full of tension. Today, we have the unique opportunity to meet the original projects for these cherished illustrations and now we are even more convinced in their material density, in the power of the artist’s gesture. Undoubtedly, as a student of Iliya Beshkov, Hristo Neykov is one of the masters of the drawing in Bulgarian art. The exhibition in Loran art gallery demonstrates the striking and powerful range of the artist’s style.